We Just Call It Roulette, Vol. 1: Russian Recording Studio
CD w/ Push-Pull, American Werewolves, Turn Pale, etc. (Russian Recording 2007)

SC100: Secretly Canadian 100th release
CD w/ Nikki Sudden, Damien Jurado, Songs: Ohia, etc. (Secretly Canadian 2007)

Live From the Devil's Triangle, Vol.10: KFJC live radio
2xCD w/ Old Time Relijun, Titan, Akimbo, etc. (KFJC 2007)

Everything Comes & Goes: A Tribute to Black Sabbath
CD/LP w/ Matmos, Ruins, Paul Newman, etc. (Temporary Residence Limited 2005)

For Jonathan
CD [as RCBNNN] w/ Tommy Guerrero, Her Space Holiday, Unwed Sailor, etc. (The Great Vitamin Mystery 2004 / out of print)

Confuse Yr Idols: A Tribute to Sonic Youth
CD w/ Elf Power, Steel Pole Bath Tub, Parts & Labor, etc. (Narnack 2004)

Neon Meate Dream of a Octafish: a Tribute to Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band
CD w/ Mike Watt, Thurston Moore, Eels, etc. (Animal World Recordings 2003)

The Pulse From Mid-America
CD w/ Turn Pale, The Coke Dares, Early Day Miners, etc. (Anatomy Records 2003 / out of print)

Songs of the Dead II: Idle Hands
CD w/ The Locust, Devola, Usurp Synapse, etc. (And Here My Troubles BeganÉ 2000 / out of print)

Summertime Benefit
CD w/ Pg.99, Neil Perry, Thursday, etc. (Kordova Milk Bar 2000 / out of print)