" terrifying as stumbling onto a murder scene." - Rue Morgue

"Six Sik Sisters is slim, trim, and ready to kill" - Outburn Magazine

"The brutality of their music represents a deep-seated resistance to conformity and mental decay. Their precision, jaw-dropping "Jesus Lizard from the future" vibes remind the observer that the very desires to create languid mental conditions and conformity fuel only the inverse." - Redefine Magazine

"Four years in the making, Acid or Blood is a furious return for these demented purveyors of noisy, violent's the insanely thrashy, throat shredding intensity that will bring you to the table, and when faced with a choice like Acid or Blood, it's important to know they're serving up a loud and tasty feast." - Outburn

"Acid or Blood is a total genre gangbang with metal, hardcore, sludge and art-rock all getting chances to unload...with drums like a zombie pounding on your roof, and guitar sounds that are either caterwauls of feedback or riffs heavy enough to sting your gums." - Decibel

"Racebannon claw through avant-hardcore like a pack of rabid mice through cheese-flavored poison, sputtering and cranking the guitars, sound-effects and thunderous white noise..." - Alternative Press

"Just when you thought the hardcore scene had gone to pot taking itself too seriously, along comes a bunch of clowns to turn the genre over onto its back and fuck it up like a turtle in a tiger cage." - Chart Magazine

"...Racebannon's rock is a well-bred bastard..." - Vice Magazine

Midway between a deleted scene from River's Edge and the resurrection of Frankenstein to unleash havoc upon the villagers that put him under, the Racebannon sound is one of many disparate influences that blend seamlessly into one lethal cocktail of hatred and aggression, draped in a cerecloth of pure molten rock that is as unforgiving as it is pulse-quickening. Indie rock? No. Metal? No. Hardcore? No. Noise core? No. Racebannon? Yes. It really is that simple. Hesh enough for any mosh pit, yet cerebral enough for the art palate, Racebannon attack with the heave and punch the endtimes dictate while still keeping things fresh and original. Love or hate, there is no ignoring the 12 guage barrage of riffs, screams, and drums.

- D.Britts